Monday, February 06, 2012

How does your garden grow? (1902)

‘...The English-planted districts in Ulster are still fragrant with fruits and flowers, no parishes being more noticeable in this respect that those in the Moira, Downshire and Hertford Estates, in South Antrim and Down. The Scotch-planted districts are the very opposite, there no gardens as a rule are to be found, and the filth of the cattle surrounds the dwellings. The most casual observer notices the changes at once when passing from one to the other, say from Carnmoney or Ballynure to Glenavy or Ballinderry...’

So you can now accumulate a dung midden at your door and claim that it is of cultural importance. You might even get a grant for it if you can persuade a neighbour of a different religious persuasion to help you to build it, and then claim that it is a cross-community initiative. From the Ulster Journal of Archaeology 1902, page 98.


Zdogk9 said...

So the next time I get twenty yards of horse poop dumped in the side yard for the garden, I can claim that it's culturally important to me. Love it!