Saturday, September 17, 2011

'A Forenoon Aroon the Ards' - on the Sir Hugh Montgomery 1606 Tourist Trail

This photo is from today's bus tour which I led for Ards Borough Council, focussing on the life of Sir Hugh Montgomery (1560-1636), one of the men who the esteemed local historian the late Ted Griffith described as a 'Founding Father of the Ulster-Scots'. We had 18 people, just an ideal size for a group day-long tour. Most were local people from the greater Belfast area, with one man from Australia and a couple from San Francisco. The pic here was taken at Rosemount Estate, Greyabbey, the home of today's Montgomery family. The weather was perfect all day, and the crack was good.

•ps - if you were on the tour, please remember to email Alastair at the Council with your feedback, and if you want to, you can also leave a comment here (just click the blue "Comments" text below, which is beside today's date.)