Sunday, June 05, 2011

'Death Has Lost its Sting' - Psalm 3 via Isaac Watts (1719) to Sojourn Church, Kentucky (2011)

My God, how many are my fears
How fast my foes increase
Conspiring my eternal death
They break my fleeting peace

The lying tempter would persuade
My heart to doubt Your aid
And all my swelling sins appear
Much greater than Your grace

Arise, Oh Lord, fulfill your grace
While I Your glory sing;
My God has broke the serpentʼs teeth
And death has lost his sting

But You - my Glory and my Strength -
Will on my tempter tread
Will silence all my threatening guilt
And raise my drooping head.

And though the hosts of death and hell
All armed against me stand
No more will terrors shake my soul;
Secure within Your hand.

Here's an article about the history of the song, and the new version in the video above. And here is Watts' original, from his Psalms of David first published in 1719.