Monday, March 21, 2011

A critique of the CS Lewis obsession

The five of us stopped en route into Belfast a few weeks ago to see his wardrobe monument at the Holywood Arches; and I've blogged about him before. I find some of his work brilliant, and some a bit woolly. This article on The Huffington Post is worth a read.

'...But if there is a scandal of the evangelical mind, it is that there is an evangelical mind -- and it belongs to C.S. Lewis. It is high time for evangelicals to step out of Lewis's wardrobe. They must acknowledge that no man has ever lived that can feed them ever. Or, if such a man has lived, his name is not C.S. Lewis. Evangelicals should know that better than anyone...'


Jenny said...

Oh, I love the movie night reference! That sounds wonderful!

To the article.... welcome to our American culture wars. Sorry to drag y'all into 'em. :(

Thanks again for all you write. Love your blog. :)

Mark Thompson said...

Hi Jenny - ah, good old culture wars, we have them here as well! And over here you don't even have to be involved in them to be implicated in them - you just have to be friendly with the wrong people and suddenly you're to blame for everything. Thanks for being a regular reader!