Monday, August 16, 2010

Worlds at

If you've missed it, be sure to get over to to marvel not only at MrUlsterScot's generally successful stream of live blogging posts from last Saturday's RSPBA World Pipe Band Championships, but also the resilience and reserve he has shown in being badly let down by Easyjet. A few years ago I had a similar experience of dire customer service with them and had to stay overnight with my fraught wife and weans in an airport hotel in Luton - at our expense! I came home and registered the web address, but did nothing with it in the end. MrUlsterScot writes, and photographs, very well. Hopefully his much-vaunted video clips will be worth the wait!

Well done to all of the Northern Ireland bands who did so well at the Worlds, and to the ever-energetic David Scott (Secretary of the RSPBANI) who managed to get a slot on Good Morning Ulster earlier today to gloat about the well-deserved triumphs!