Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Smith - "Homemade Hillbilly Jam" DVD

Hilary got me this DVD for Christmas - the trailer below is pretty good, but the full 80 minutes version is absolutely brilliant. The Bilyeu family of the Ozark Mountains (pronounced like "Blue") trace their origins to Ireland in the 1700s (let's face it, they MUST be of Ulster-Scots descent! There were folk called Blue who lived near our place when my da was a wee boy). Big Smith have been one of my favourite bands for years, introduced to me by my late friend Brian Richmond.

Aside from old hillbilly and gospel music, they've got a superb 42 track double cd of old childrens songs called "From Hay to Zzzzzz: Hillbilly Songs for Kids", and also write songs about essential household equipment: well as old "Brother Duet" songs like this one which was written and first recorded by the mighty Louvin Brothers (clip below is Big Smith with a guest singer):

Check Big Smith out here, and buy their new 16 track CD "Roots, Shoots and Wings".