Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Come Hame, Come Hame" - a wee song from Scotland

A man from Scotland phoned me tonight (I'll not mention his name, to keep him anonymous) to ask me if I'd ever heard this wee Sunday School chorus. He had been digging about on my Sacred Scotch Solos blog earlier today trying to find it. His mother, Margaret McKay, learned it as a wee girl in the Glasgow mission halls (Grove Street Institute and the Tent Hall) during the 1920s, and sang it to him when he was a boy. The words are:

Come hame, come hame, you're welcome hame
Your thochts'll no be syne
You'll bless the haun that guides ye tae
Your Faither's hoose abin

It goes to the tune of the Rowan Tree, but he thinks this is just the chorus part of a longer gospel song. If any of you know this, get in touch.


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