Friday, September 18, 2009

Rangers story in today's Daily Telegraph

Here's an excerpt from today's paper that will interest some of you. It follows Rangers' very credible 1-1 draw with Stuttgart in Germany on Wednesday night:


Sectarianism alive and well in Stuttgart

Rangers' visit to Baden-W├╝rttemberg this week was their third excursion to the area on Champions League business, a fact remarked upon by the Vfb Stuttgart president, Dr Erwin Staudt, when he addressed the Ibrox directors at the lunch traditionally given by the host club for their visitors on the day of the match.

"We specially welcome our friends from Glasgow with whom we are building a bond," said the affable Staudt.

"You have been here three times and we have been in Glasgow three times. We are both football clubs with long histories and passionate supporters."
The Rangers VIPS, who have had to become used to picking their way through the minefield of political correctness in recent years, nodded in agreement at these unexceptional observations.

However, they were bolt upright in their seats when the Herr Doktor went on: "And what is more, you are a Protestant club – and we also are a Protestant club."

Staudt then pointed at one his own directors and boomed: "We only employ one Catholic – and it is him!" At which the nominated director threw his hands in the air and cried out: "I am sorry! I am sorry!"

Altogether now, as they might sing in Baden-W├╝rttemberg: "Hallo! Hallo! Wir sind der Billy Boys!"


It's hard to know where fact ends and fiction begins in the piece, but it seems like the allegedly humourless Germans have more humour than the British press. Here are the goals: