Monday, August 17, 2009

The view to Scotland from the Copeland Islands

We took a boat trip this afternoon out to the Copeland Islands just off Donaghadee. It was a beautiful clear day - here's a photo of Scotland taken from the Copelands this afternoon. You can see wind turbines on the hilltop - probably at Artfield, Drumphail - close to the Covenanter Alexander Peden's old home kirk of New Luce. Click to enlarge:

And it wasn't due to some enormous zoom lens - here's another pic with the shoreline of the island in the foreground, so you get a real sense of the distance. Again, click to enlarge:

From Cloughey to Coleraine, everybody who has ever lived along the coastline will know how close Scotland is, and how natural Ulster-Scots is. Shame that the hostile media talking heads all live in suburbia around greater Belfast...

Finally, as we neared the Islands, the boat stopped at a nearby seal colony to feed the seals with fresh mackerel. Short video clip is below. You could fly to SeaWorld in Florida for a similar experience at a cost of many thousands of pounds - but why bother when you can get the same for £6 a head at Donaghadee?!