Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Born Fightin' by Ricky Warwick

My name is James McBride and I'm almost 19
I sailed away from Derry to follow some dream
I came to Philadelphia with a Bible in my hand
And God will be my witness in the Promised Land.

We were born fightin' - and we'll die fightin'
Till we belong... till we belong

Named after Senator James Webb's book of the same title, "Born Fightin" is a story of one of the 250,000 Ulster-Scots emigrants that went to America in the 1700s. Written and performed by Newtownards man Ricky Warwick, the singer in rock band The Almighty, and now playing what he calls "tough folk for the masses". The Almighty were/are a very successful British band in the late 80s / early 90s - when I was seriously into metal! I remember someone telling me that Ricky Warwick was a former pupil of Regent House. Apparently Ian Astbury of The Cult (another big British rock band of the same era) also lived in east Belfast / Newtownards for a while.

Ricky Warwick plays solo acoustic gigs around Norn Irn from time to time. Meanwhile listen to the song here on his MySpace page here.