Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Destroying heritage, Giant's Causeway, 1958

I found this old photograph in an antiques shop on the Donegall Pass in Belfast about 15 years ago, of two workmen with crowbars at work on the Giant's Causeway, clearly dislodging parts of the world famous basalt columns. (click the photo to enlarge)

On the back is handwritten "1958". The Giant's Causeway was acquired by the National Trust in 1961. How much of Northern Ireland's heritage - natural, built and cultural - was destroyed in days gone by?


Elaine Briggs said...

Mark this is an amazing picture. Who knows what's gone on in days gone by that we don't know about. I'm thankful they stopped doing this. We visited it again over Christmas when we were home and greatly enjoyed admiring God's wonderful creation right on our doorstep.

Mark Thompson said...

It's shocking stuff Elaine! I'm glad you managed to get back home for some North Antrim wind and rain - I'm sure the Californian sun can be a drag