Monday, August 04, 2008

Covenanters Grave on Flickr


I found this great photo on Flickr earlier on, of the grave of an anonymous Covenanter who died high in the Pentland Hills from the wounds he sustained at the Battle of Rullion Green in November 1666. Badly wounded and dying, he was found the next day by a local man, Adam Sanderson of Blackhill. His dying wish was said to be "Bury me in sight of the Ayrshire Hills", and so Sanderson carried his body to the top of a hill known as the Black Law, and built a small cairn as a marker. The gravestone was put there some years later.

The grave location is part of an 11 mile walk, visited by Scottish walking clubs like the Monkland Ramblers, and is recalled on this website's account of the Battle of Rullion Green.

Here's a map of the precise location, 13 miles from the battle site.