Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Surrender!

US Presidential candidate John McCain has revealed his new campaign slogan - the famous battle cry of the Siege of Derry - "No Surrender!" One American commentator thinks this will alienate the Irish American vote, but maybe it will mobilise the Scotch-Irish vote in a similar way to Senator James Webb's 2006 election on the back of his 2004 book "Born Fighting - How the Scots Irish Shaped America". Like Webb, McCain is of Ulster-Scots descent. And then of course there was the famous McCain versus Gerry Adams incident on St Patrick's Day 2005.

I doubt very much that 99.9% of Americans will automatically link "No Surrender" with Ulster, or Ulster-Scots, anyway - the awareness is nowhere near high enough for it to register. So this is probably a storm in a teacup. But if the choice of slogan creates a media-driven furore in the USA, that's great! Anything that positively raises the popular awareness of Ulster-Scots identity and history to the US public is in my view a good thing.

Anyway, to the (more) important stuff - here's the musical notation for an old American hymn of the same name. (click to enlarge).


Colin Maxwell said...

Hi Mark,

Apparently there is an old variety of apple called "No Surrenders" - I think my in laws had them on their farm in County Fermanagh. At least, that's where I heard about them. Then there are the "British Queens" spuds.

Here: My gastric juices are starting to bubble again :0)

Fair fa' ye

Anonymous said...
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Mark Thompson said...

Apples and spuds? Should there not be a variety of "No Surrender" oranges?! ;-)

John Killian said...

Brother Mark,
This post has moved me politically. I have been disgusted with John McCain for many reasons. But anyone who will take the IRA to task has gained many political points with me. Thank you.
John Killian