Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Big Night in Washington

It's Friday night here, we've been in DC since Monday night and playing at the Festival since Wednesday. As usual we're pretty rough round the edges, and getting used to the heat has been hard work. But the natives are friendly and things are going ok.

Tonight we had one of our most special nights ever. We played as the "headline act" for the Northern Ireland evening concert at the big marquee called the Lagan Stage. I guess it holds about 600 people. Very scary...

...but it was amazing. The audience were clapping and cheering and really enjoyed the songs, the message, the stories in between and the cultural connections stuff as well. We played half an hour of easily the best reaction we've ever had. Lots of people spoke to me at the end to say how wonderful it was to hear the gospel message at such a huge secular festival; others were keen to hear more about the Ulster-Scots-Virginian-American links. I can't even begin to describe how good it was and how positive the reaction was. Getting 600 Americans to do the actions for "Fu an Skailin" was something special!!

We are very blessed that our limited talent is being used for such positive outreach. Keep prayin' - tomorrow night will be a whole new ballgame . It's the formal setting of The Kennedy Centre. Shirts and ties job (gulp)

Iver an oot fer noo.


Colin Maxwell said...

Glad ye are a' enjoyin yersels oot there. Meanwhile, it's pourin' back hame. News currently filterin' through aboot a suspected terrorist attack on Glasgow reports o' ony deaths, but some injured.

Tom Parker said...

We enjoyed your show Wednesday and also today. My friend who is a folk group leader from Virginia came down yesterday -- I hope he got to hear you becaue he's been doing "The Roll is Called Up Yonder" for years. If you have a chance listen to "Stained Glass Bluegrass" tomorrow on WAMU FM 88.5. You'll hear many local versions of your music.