Wednesday, February 04, 2009


News has reached me just this morning that an astounding 1200 people turned up at an 1859 Revival themed church service in Connor at the weekend - the building was bursting at the seams and no room anywhere for car parking. I know that some of you readers are based in mid-Antrim - I'd appreciate more detail form any of you!

As I've blogged before, Connor was a highly significant location back in 1859. Great news!

More info about the local events here - there are many more happening Provincewide throughout the year.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mark- It was a great night in Connor last Sunday night, with the Moderator Rev. Dr. Patton giving a great local account of the Revival-he clearly is an authority on the subject I was very impressed with his talk/sermon. Former Moderator Rev. Dr McCaughey followed this with an excellent sermon. The meeting house was filled to capacity-800- with not anyspace left in any pews, and with 400 people watching and taking part in Worship in the church hall via a video link. Every chair that the church possessed was occupied, including the minister's room and session room furniture!!! You should be able to hear the majority of the service on