Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Little Farm by the Sea" by Norman Wilkinson, and other vintage Ulster travel posters

I have a small collection of old Ulster Tourism Development Association posters from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. This one is by far my favourite:

Little Farm.jpg

Norman Wilkinson was one of the greatest artists of his generation, which speaks volumes for the vision of the UTDA. They weren't satisfied with three-tenders-and-the-cheapest -price-from-the-wee-man-down-the-road-gets-the-job-and-by-the-way-we'll-tell-him-what-to-do-anyway-even-if-he-knows-better. They wanted the best and they went out and got him.

"Ulster for Health" is a message you don't hear too often these days! Ulster for hypochondria is more likely.

This poster for the Scottish ferry operator MacBrayne plays the highland stereotype very well, but what I really like about it is the blue flag that looks like a hybrid Cross of St Andrew and Cross of St Patrick. Caledonian MacBrayne still run many ferry routes along the west of Scotland, and also the Ballycastle to Rathlin ferry. Mind you, it looks like a band of hard as nails armed lowland Covenanters are creeping up the hill to take out the "Highland Host"!


These two are in our hallway - massive posters about 4 1/2 feet wide.


These and many more (both originals and good quality prints) are available to buy online here.


Nevin said...

Mark, Calmac/Rathlin Island Ferries Ltd was replaced as ferry operator to Rathlin in July 2008.

You can read about some of the shenanigans in NALIL blog