Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dust to Digital and my own "Atlantic Bridges"

Over the past couple of days, in addition to the local connections I've made and blogged about below, I've also made some brilliant links with people in the USA. Thanks to some old blog posts I'm now in direct contact with the grandchildren of Duncan McNeill, and once again with a nephew of the McCravy Brothers. I was able to send Paul McCravy six MP3s which I'd digitised from some McCravy Brothers 78s which had surfaced in a collection belonging to a man from Bangor - some of them Paul and the family never heard before. Likewise with the McNeills, I had digitised some old 78s and sent the MP3s to Stuart Eydmann who posted them on his website - so the family were able to listen to their grandfather singing.

Here are two videos about a couple in the USA who have been nominated for Grammys for their work in digitising old 78s and making them available for the present generation - and in some of the most beautiful packaging design I've ever seen. Welcome to Dust to Digital. I was showing off my copy of the 6 CD box set "Goodbye Babylon" to a few fellow music enthusiasts last night!