Monday, August 24, 2009

Donaghadee Harbour, last Friday

Here's another photo of the view across to the Mull of Galloway - seen through the break in the harbour wall at Donaghadee. Click to enlarge.


Colin Maxwell said...

I love these Scotland frae Donaghadee pictures.

BTW: I havena blogged for a while. I've moved tae twitter wi' all the rest o' the aged 30+ inhabitants o' the world.

Dal Mos said...

There is also a quite recent essay by Richard Rankin Russell titled 'Seamus Heaney's Regionalism' that explores the theme of place amongst Northern Irish writers. Included are interesting discussions on Heaney's relation to Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English regionalism. Although there is also a substantial analysis of Heaney's writing and respect for John Hewitt, Robert Burns and the Ulster-Scots idiom of his youth. Indeed Ulster-Scots is one aspect of Heaney's writing that Russell celebrates as forming part of a Northern Irish regionalism that can be 'transhistorical, transcultural, and transterritorial' (p49). The essay can be found in the Spring issue 2008 journal titled Twentieth Century Literature.

Dal Mos said...

Nice photo by the way

Mark Thompson said...

Thanks for your comments - and that sense of regional identity was one of John Hewitt's greatest convictions. It's also one that I have a lot of empathy with. Many thanks, Mark