Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ulster-Scots in the news

Just a few snippets from various news sites:


"...Having only lived in Ireland for 100 years, the Ulster Scots saw themselves as distinct from Irish. Some historians have claimed that the Scots frequently intermarried with the Irish while in Ulster, and others have claimed there was little intermarrying. What is certain, however, is that the culture that emerged was neither Scottish nor Irish..."

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"...Northern Ireland bands are reaping the benefits of the peace process as Ulster-Scots culture attracts subsidies, "So they get money for instruments and for teaching, and they're dead keen and they work hard at it. I think Scotland has been a wee bit lax in some ways and suddenly the axis of power, you might say, has moved away from here. It's a hell of a state of affairs that we need to do something about. The Ulster people believe in their bands and are really competitive about it, " he says, "but here you'll see maybe a Grade Three band going out on the competition field and there's hardly a cheer for them. It's the old Scottish cultural thing; we don't know what we've got..."

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"...Many folks from Anderson claim heritage as Ulster Scots,” Dr. Walker points out. In fact, anyone who has visited Ireland is struck by how similar the people look to South Carolinians, and how similar their open, friendly manners are to our fabled “Southern hospitality.”

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