Thursday, April 02, 2009

Church of Scotland using yin o' ma sangs!

I received an email the other day to tell me that the Church of Scotland's Scots Language in Worship Group have selected another piece from my Sacred Scotch Solos website. This time they've chosen Linkin Hame by Alexander Halliday, which they've slightly amended for congregational singing for the Lent and Holy Week period. You can find it online here.

It's lovely to know that a wee bit of Ulster-Scots effort can have a productive impact back in Scotland.

(You might remember that just before Christmas the Group chose Dark Afore Dawnin for their Christmas repertoire)


Colin Maxwell said...

Hi Mark, me oul freen'

I've nae doot but that ye've already been tae this site a whole hantle o' times fir yer Hilly Billy stuff:

There's loads o' sample tracks here wi' a braw search engine that'll keep ye at yer computer for hoors on end!

Fair fa' ye!