Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1859 Revival Hymn: "Lord to Thee I Trembling Fly"

Thanks to Jack Greenald for sending this to me - it was written by the Presbyterian minister Rev Henry Henderson (1820 - 1879) of Holywood, County Down. His church was/is just across the road from Rev Robert Cunningham's old priory church.

The hymn was known as "The Prayer of the Penitent", and sung to the tune Pleyel’s German Hymn’, better known as Children of the Heavenly King.

Lord to Thee I trembling fly
Full of sin afraid to die
Turn o turn and to me give
Saving Grace that I might live.

Long a Sinner – sinning too
While the Gospel well I knew
Should Thy judgements on me fall
Justly I would suffer all

Blessed Jesus! Hear my cry
Ah! Behold my agony
Lord of Glory can it be
That no hope no heaven’s for me

By Thy love so full and free
By Thy passion on the tree
By thy promise all to save
Who to Thee for mercy crave

Lord of glory! I entreat
Now for pardon at Thy feet
Send Thy blessing, grant Thy peace
Bid my heart’s wild terrors cease

Then my soul shall loud proclaim
The honour of my Saviour’s name
And in nobler songs above
Shall I praise Thy wondrous Love

Henderson is a significant character - he wrote columns in the local newspaper "Belfast Weekly News" during the mid 1800s under the pseudonym "Ulster-Scot"!

He wrote a number of books, including "Flora Verner; or, The Sandy Row convert - a tale of the Belfast revival"