Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Catching up

Just getting caught up on a few things. Graeme and I were out singing on Sunday night - Stephen Jamison did a fine job with the preachin' as usual - and we played 5 old hymns. One lady came up to us at the end and said that we had brought tears to her eyes when we played one of them. Thankfully it wasn't because we were excruciatingly bad (!), but because it had been her father's favourite hymn and he sang it constantly when she was a wee girl.

We've also been invited to play a few songs for Radio Ulster's forthcoming New Years Eve Ulster-Scots special programme. Not sure we can fit it in though as it's pretty short notice - being recorded this week. Nice to be asked though!

I survived Seven Days on Sunday (got plenty of text messages from people after the programme had finished!), and it must have went okay - the BBC were on the phone again this afternoon to see if I would do some other radio stuff with them between now and Christmas. Hopefully it'll work out - the shopping's all done, Santa's been sorted out, but the weans are starting to get a bit twitchy with expectation.

Finally, for those of you who are in Belfast, make a point of travelling down Great Victoria Street in the evenings between this coming weekend and Christmas. I'm working with the Presbyterian Church to project massive Christmas-themed gospel messages onto the side of Church House. We did some testing this evening, the brightness and legibility are holding up well - hopefully these will make some impact on the late night shoppers and party revellers over the next 3 weeks.

Iver an oot for noo!