Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Branding the Shankill

Branding is usually commissioned by intellectual middle-class people, who hire intellectual middle-class people to create brands that are targeted at intellectual middle-class people. Consequently most branding is slick, glossy, "aspirational" - and sometimes shallow and contrived.

So what happens when a branding man from an ordinary working class background who isn't ashamed to admit a love for egg and onion sandwiches gets commissioned to create the first-ever brand for a world-famous loyalist working class district such as the Shankill Road?

The outcome was launched today in a lunchtime event at the Shankill Library, and it looks something like this...

(all media enquiries should be directed to Roz Small at the Greater Shankill Partnership on 028 9050 4555)


John Killian said...

Really great work!!! Love the flags involved--especially the St Patrick's Cross aka the Alabama State Flag.