Friday, December 12, 2008

BBC Scotland: "Scotland's History"

Here's a link to a page on the BBC Scotland website, outlining the 5 recent broadcasts. I understand that 5 additional episodes will be broadcast in 2009. See the first 5 on BBC iPlayer here.

There are interesting references to John Knox in this overview of Mary Queen of Scots. As usual, beautifully filmed, dramatic landscapes, and presenter Neil Oliver combines knowledge, style and an excellent storytelling ability.

Maybe we should get him over here to record a 12 part series on Ulster-Scots history? Here's my list:

1. The Ancient Links
2. Robert the Bruce and Ulster
3. Hamilton & Montgomery Settlement
4. The Plantation and 1641
5. The Covenanters in Ulster
6. Derry, the Boyne and Emigration
7. The Ulster-Scots Revolutions - 1776 and 1798
8. The Weaver Poets, Language and Literature
9. Ulster-Scots in America
10. Ordinary Folk: Ulster-Scots folklife throughout the centuries
11. Belfast - a Scottish City
12. The Ulster Covenant, the Somme and the establishment of Northern Ireland

Of course all of these subjects would deserve a series of their own, never mind a half hour each. But a half hour each would be a good start, supported by a 12 deep websites and a six part radio series for each one.