Friday, August 12, 2016

"Same old, same old. How the hipster aesthetic is taking over the world"

F opso marylebone greek restaurant interior design decor restaurant1

This Guardian article by Kyle Chayka is very important. It is an update of an earlier article in The Verge. Maybe he reads my blog (joking), as his theme reflects a few recent posts here. His insight into what I will call a faux-authentic aesthetic is superb. Reclaimed industrial retro minimalism carefully-curated for the interiors of hipster joints right across the westernised world to all look exactly the same.

There is a massive difference between reflecting and honouring an actual lived heritage, and merely acquiring the appearance of heritage as a momentary fashion statement. I have a scythe on my kitchen wall because, from at least as long ago as 1750, my ancestors mowed the field I built our house on.

Frankly, the thought of skinny-jeaned hipsters Instagramming while eating avocado toast on a roughly-sawn bit of original shipyard sleeper makes my blood boil. Belfast is now coming down with this kind of high-class nonsense. As is Edinburgh, and Bristol, and probably all of our honourable cities. The people of Belfast used to actually sweat and make stuff, now their middle-class grandchildren get anxious about sourdough bread, feta cheese and rocket. Rocket? We used to BUILD AEROPLANES.

Learn how to turn a spade, fill a wheelbarrow, know the difference between a longtail and square shovel. Admire the workmanship of a real stone wall. A grape isn't to be cut in half for your poncy lunchtime salad served on a slate by the weedy beardy guy in the baseball hat - it's for hoakin prootas by folk who understand the seasons, the earth, as did every single generation that has gone before. Until now.

Heritage is not a style accessory. I am glad the hipster aesthetic is being exposed for what it is - the Emperor's (salvaged and tastefully upcycled) nearly-new clothes.

(pic above is some place in London).