Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some rough thoughts on Scottish independence.

Union Flag Breakup 


I hope they vote No. I can understand if they vote Yes. Here's a blog post I wrote in July 2012 which still sums up my thoughts on the subject. It'll be gye ticht.


ladyisle said...

A yes vote tomorrow will rob me of my Nationality - British and force me to make an unpleasant choice. Am I

Ulster Scots
or English

Conceived in Scotland, carried in Scotland, born in England. Living in Scotland, Parents from Scotland, Grand parents from Ulster/Ireland and Scotland, One Great Grand father born in Wales!

If Scotland turns its back on the Union, I cannot. Too many of my ancestors better than I fought for the Union including Ulster.

I therefore would be forced to adopt my place of birth and against all I have ever believed become English, but that will always only be on paper, no one can change your heart.