Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Private Richard C Couch, 10th King's Regiment (Liverpool) - Great War New Testament

I've never been able to find anything out about this soldier (either on the Museum of Liverpool King's Regiment website here, or the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website here) and can't recall how his National Bible Society of Scotland / Pocket Testament League New Testament came into my possession. I'm posting it here in case his family are trying to find out about him - if so, I am happy to send this to you. The full text reads:

Private Richd. C. Couch
10th King's (Liverpool)

with the address:

7 Eisteddfa Rd


The 10th Battalion of the King's Regiment were also known as Liverpool Scottish. Wikipedia has some excellent information and photographs about them here. Two of their units stayed in Britain during the Great War, which might explain why Couch isn't coming up on those website databases. A Richard Couch does however appear in an article in the Evening Telegraph of Monday 11th September 1916, entitled 'Wounded Highlanders Reach Glasgow', a story about 226 wounded soldiers being sent by train to Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow. He is named as Private Richard Couch of the Black Watch - but no details of his injuries are given.


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