Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Folk's wise that can content themsel's in their ain hames"

So says Widow M'Crum in Archibald M'Ilroy's collection of short stories The Humour of Druid's Island, published in 1902 and set in Islandmagee in County Antrim. After all our gallavantin' around the country lately it is nice for Graeme and I to be doing four consecutive nights just doon the road at the People's Hall, Portavogie, starting on Sunday at 8.15pm. If you have never been inside a traditional wee Ulster mission hall, with wooden floorboards, wooden forms (not plastic chairs) and a pot-bellied cast iron stove, then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for! We'll just be doing what we love, playing oul hymns from Redemption Songs for folk to sing along with - nothing fancy and nae nonsense. David Boyd is the speaker on all three nights, and we are very pleased he has asked us to help out. Hope to see you there.