Monday, October 05, 2009

Tonight on RTE - "Cork's Bloody Secret"

For those of you who're staying in the house tonight, this programme looks like essential viewing.

In April 1922, in Dunmanway, County Cork, the IRA pulled ten Protestants from their beds and murdered them. For the first time ever, the victims' families in the tiny Protestant remnant in Cork have agreed to talk about those events on camera.

Read the review by Eoghan Harris about it here:
Exorcising the dark, bloody secrets of IRA in West Cork

An earlier, similar story is The Story of Lucy Gault by William Trevor, which was nominated in 2002 for the Booker Prize. You can read Feargal Keane's review here: A timely reminder of the Irish Republic's brush with a kind of ethnic cleansing

The "victims issue" of the recent Troubles has been under scrutiny again in Northern Ireland over the last few weeks. And there are more, so many more, long-forgotten atrocities. May society, and the world, never allow these tragedies to be swept under the carpet.