Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Quireboys in Belfast - Friday 4 December

We all have regrets in life - things we didn't do that we should have, things we did do that we shouldn't. One of mine is not going to see the great Newcastle-upon-Tyne band the Quireboys when I was 18. It was 20 years ago, the year of my A levels, and what I recall is that the date of the concert clashed with our school 6th Form formal. For a variety of reasons I (reluctantly) opted for the formal, whilst my mate Darren went to see the Quireboys. For a variety of reasons my night didn't go the way I'd hoped it might (in hindsight, there was probably one colossal missed opportunity in the midst of it all...) and of course Darren claimed it was the best concert he'd ever been to. The Quireboys' sound is like classic 70s British rock music, with a Rod Stewarty vocal sound. They have an acoustic album on the way for November, and the track "Mona Lisa Smiled" on their website has some lovely wee splashes of mandolin all over it. So I reckon I might well go and see them, and fill in the gap that's been missing for the past 20 years! Mona Lisa Smiled: Misled:


Jonny said...

Can't wait for this: they've become frequent visitors over past wee while. Details of this was posted earlier on www.belfastmetalheadsreunited.blogspot.come - a feature is to appear later in October on the same site