Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Objections to Ulster-Scots - the topics

Last post of today, and it might whet your appetite - here's a summary of the forthcoming series of posts:

Part One: because I didn't grow up wearing tartan or eating haggis and to start doing that now would be ridiculous

Part Two: because the media makes Ulster-Scots look stupid and controversial

Part Three: because the Ulster-Scots "industry" itself makes Ulster-Scots look stupid and controversial

Part Four: because the whole language / dialect debate is ridiculous

Part Five: because it's just a politically motivated recent invention

Part Six: because it doesn't really exist "on the ground"

Part Seven: because I know quietly, inside, that I am an Ulster-Scot, but I don't feel any affinity with what is now packaged and presented to me as Ulster-Scots culture and heritage

Part Eight: because Ulster-Scots stuff is all low-quality and Mickey Mouse

There may be other posts to follow. Some of the above are the opinions of people I know - others are my own opinion. Speaking freely on these topics could also get me into some serious hot water with a wide range of people, but the appeal of blogging is that it provides an independent, unedited, uncensored platform. Keep checking back over the coming weeks to see the articles unfold...


Anonymous said...

Part 7 seems to be a common excuse used to dismiss evangelical Christianity