Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Let's lighten the mood a little

It's been heavy going on here for the past while. Here's a lighter moment.

Some of you will know that I haven't shaved in 2 weeks - I put it down to Christmas laziness and relaxation - and as a result I am now sporting a full beard. Not just the wee goatee thing I've had for the past 15 years or so, the real McCoy - linking sideburn to sideburn, running right down to my thrapple (that's Adam's Apple for you English-only speakers), and overwhelming the goatee into something that looks a bit like this:


Well that's a bit of an exaggeration, (and that's not me in the photo left) but it's the closest thing to a proper beard I've ever had the patience to grow. The question now is whether to shave it off or not. It's looking a bit lumberjack-esque, which isn't a good thing. Looks fine with a checked shirt. Looks baaaaaaad with a shirt and tie (like an old BBC2 Open University tv presenter). No doubt Hilary will decide on its future, and probably sometime this week. If I still have it by next Monday that will be something of a breakthrough!

This website provides an easier option for potential beard-wearers, male and female. Check it out!

This all started just before Christmas. Our Charlie was born on Christmas Day 2002, and we have his birthday party in early December just to make a bit of space between it and the Christmas festivities. This year it was fancy dress - so everyone who was invited had to come wearing their own home-made Santa beard. So we had about a dozen wee boys raking about the house with big white cotton wool beards. The thing is, some of these beards were very fresh indeed, and we found big lumps of PVA-covered cotton wool in various parts of the house afterwards. I'll post a pic or two later on.

Iver an oot for noo!



Philip Robinson said...

Mark wi a big lang baird? Now that does lighten the mood mair than a wee bit!
Just thought I'd give my new-found blogging skills a wee run (I'm tapped into Adrian McKinty's set).
All the best for 2009 and here's hoping for a lighter year for us all.