Saturday, January 17, 2009

Everything's gonna be alright

Forget about Gaza, Israel, Iran, economic downturn, collapse of the banking system and all that stuff. What really matters is that Hey, America Feels Kinda Cool Again. This is the name of one of the Obama Inauguration celebrations being held in Washington DC, headlined by the Beastie Boys.

Somehow I think it'll take more than rock concerts, saying the word "change" all the time, and feeling "kinda cool" to address the world's problems. I just don't get the Obamania thing. Guess that must mean I'm a racist.

Also, prepare yourself for the impending death of satire. All of the comedians and satirists who've spent the past 8 years attacking George Bush, and the past 12 months eulogising Barack Obama, will have no hate figure any more. Happily, the excellent Onion has come up trumps!