Friday, November 21, 2008

Too many James Hamiltons

I'm giving a short talk tonight on the Covenanters in Ulster, to Loughries Historical Society in Newtownards. I've decided to anchor it around the life and times of one man - Rev James Hamilton of Ballywalter (1600 - 1666) - to give the talk some local relevance.

But there are far too many James Hamiltons in Scottish and Ulster-Scots history:

1. James Hamilton arrived in Ulster with Hugh Montgomery in May 1606
2. When he needed to invite Robert Blair across the water to be his minister at Bangor, he sent James Hamilton of Kirktonholm as messenger
3. When Blair arrived, he mentored James Hamilton's nephew James Hamilton (the man I'll be taking about tonight).
4. Later in life, this James Hamilton was a minister in Edinburgh. There was at least one other Rev James Hamilton in Edinburgh at the same time

And there are more. Nearly as common back then as Mark Thompson is now! I'll hopefully post some pics later on to show you how the event goes.


Just back in. Went well. Forgot to take photos!