Thursday, November 20, 2008

Membership list leaked

Was sent this earlier today:

A disgruntled ex-fan has published the Celtic season ticket list on his website. This leak has been criticised by the Celtic FC board and management who said that this could lead to serious damage to reputation, with people losing their jobs and their families.

Forums on the internet have been inundated with comments such as 'I could lose my job over this' and 'How can I show my face in public again'. One poor soul even threatened suicide if his friends and family ever found out.

The leaked list contained some surprises. It included a doctor, three policemen and even someone who lives in Glasgow. It also included the name of a 'major TV personality', believed to be Wee Jimmy Krankie. The other 5 people on the list have yet to be named.

A spokesman for Rangers said 'It is hard to imagine why these individuals became Celtic season ticket holders but in this day and age of depraved morality nothing surprises us anymore. Our thoughts are with the friends and families of all those involved, for the shame and embarrassment that this dreadful incident must have caused them. '

The Police have so far refused to rule out placing all those named on the list on the Football Supporters Offenders Register. However they did say they would also offer counselling and referrals to mental health authorities for all those involved.


(ps: this is just a joke, based on this recent incident. Feel free to substitute other teams names!)


John Killian said...

Thank you, Brother Mark. I hope that I would never stoop so low as to support the dreaded Celtic. However, if I did, I wouldn't want anyone to know about it!!!
Follow, Follow!

Colin Maxwell said...

I'm sure ye've heard the oul joke about the poor wee lass who lamented to her Ranger's daft husband:

"...Ye love Rangers mair than ye love me."

"Ach" says himsel' "I love Celtic mair than I love you!"


Fair fa' ye!