Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scotland and identity continued

There are a few interesting posts on this over at the excellent 3000 Versts - here and here. Below I've cut-and-pasted an anonymous razor-sharp reply to one of them:

The misrepresentation to the Scots of their own identity has been fostered for some time. In education, media and culture, it's all Jacobite in theme.

The Scottish are responding logically to the stimuli they are fed. change the substance, change the mindset. we can go from a despondent "we lose", drugged up, fat, violent and miserable faux-Jacobean Scottishness to their actual heritage, a vibrant, work orientated, bible literate, self respecting, Union understanding: 'Covenanterism'. This is a big point phrased briefly.

Go on an official tour of Edinburgh, you will be taken to the grave of a very faithful dog and your state tour guide will not mention that the bars in the windows in the old building not 30 yards away in the ground once held those great men the Covenanters who changed history, for the better, with their blood.

You will also notice the total absence of education on Knox, the actual Union or its glorious history or the finest of Scotch Achievement, instead you will get the 'Mel Gibson' treatment from people who have inferred an elementary and base proposition (nationalist belligerence) and accepted it.

And the glorious legacy, if upheld before a comprehensive educated labour movement manipulated Scotland, will shine out and eclipse it all, making these Bonnie princes and make pretend William Wallaces be revealed as the shameful, discouraging blight on identity and self motivation they really are.