Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oor Weans at Wigtown

As my parents did with me, Graeme, Marianne, Helen and June, I took our three weans to Wigtown in south west Scotland last week to see the graves and monument stake to the two Margarets (a change in tidal patterns mean that the sea doesn't come in there any more, it's a large grassy marshy plain now). There's also a small display panel in the museum there which tells their story. Wigtown is just about an hour from Stranraer - everybody travelling by ferry to and from Stranraer should take some time to visit Wigtown

The weans' reaction was interesting. I have told them the story of the drowning of the two Margarets many times, but being there, seeing the Solway Firth, standing by the graves, really brought it home for them.

After seeing the graves we were heading back to the car, and Charlie spontaneously said "Dad, we have to leave flowers on the grave!" and he dashed off to a big clump of wild daisies. He tugged a few out and went back to the graves. I ran after him.

By this time Jacob had arrived too; Charlie looked up at me, almost seeking approval, and then (because he's wee) slipped through a gap in the railings that surround the graves and laid the flowers on the flat gravestone. It was a lovely moment with the two boys joined in a simple, instinctive, childlike act of remembrance at that most special of places.

Here are the photos.