Monday, July 28, 2008

Final comments on the 12th (for a while)

Just read this by Ed Curran in today's Belfast Telegraph, which builds on an article from Alex Kane which was in the News Letter a few weeks ago (the News Letter site is down today, but his article is discussed here), which in turns picks up on some thoughts I had written as part of this November 2007 post on this blog).

I'm sure that the 12th is a debate/discussion that has a long way to travel. If (in a secular sense) the future of Northern Ireland society depends on a new articulation of our history, and identities, then the next number of years will be very interesting.

And, to whet your appetites, the next two articles about The Covenanters in Ulster which will be published in The Ulster-Scot have the potential to be absolutely central in our community beginning to rethink its past.

PS: I don't necessarily agree with what these two are saying, but the discussions themselves are interesting.

[ UPDATE: Alex Kane's article is back online, here ]