Friday, August 31, 2007

Website Stats

The Internet is an amazing thing. I've just had a look at our website stats for the last month. Absolutely incredible!:

• 4660 unique users visited the site during August
• the average this year is 2,502 people per month
• Shall We Gather at the River is the top download (363 times since it was put on the site in mid-June)
• Most people visit the home page, then free mp3s, then buy cds, then dates

I know that the site only gets just over 5,000 visitors per month, so the LCB site must be doing ok!


Stephen Jamison said...

Here's an interesting quote I thought was in keeping with your post about the internet.

"The literal translation of Daniel 12:4 indicates that during the end times, an explosion of knowledge will occur. We are living in that generation.

From the Garden of Eden until the beginning of the twentieth century, men walked or rode horses just as King David and Julius Caesar did. In the span of a few years, however, mankind invented the automobile, the jet plane, and the space shuttle. Today you can fly from New York to Paris in three hours.

Twentieth century technology has increased, not a little at a time, but exponentially. You can sit in the quiet of your own home and drown yourself in information from the internet. We used to be in awe of how many volumes of information could fit on a computer's CD ROM disk, but now a DVD can hold up to four times as much as a typical CD!

In the last two generations, we have put men on the moon and redefined life and death. Medical science has the ability to keep a corpse breathing for months on life support. Tiny babies weighing less than one pound can survive outside the womb, and unborn babies can undergo surgery before birth. We can repair DNA before a child is conceived; we can clone sheep, mice, and cattle. We have the technology to clone humans, and before too long, I'm sure someone will.

All this knowledge ought to be a good thing, but still we're on the road to doomsday. Our knowledge has not produced Utopia; instead, it has created a generation of people who know more about rock stars than history. Our "enlightened" society seeks freedom and self-expression, but it is actually enslaved by drugs, perversion, and occult practices.

We favor death for the innocent and mercy - even praise! - for the guilty. We tout the benefits of secular humanism, the worship of man’s intellect, yet our enlightened, religion-free government finds itself impotent in the face of growing crime. Why? Because knowledge without God can produce intellectual barbarians, smarter sinners. Hitler's Nazis threw Jewish children alive into the ovens. Many of them were educated men; some had PhD’s, but their education was accomplished without the acknowledgment or the knowledge of God.

"We have grasped the mystery of the atom," General Omar Bradley told a Boston audience in November 1948, "and rejected the Sermon on the Mount... With the monstrous weapons man already has, humanity is in danger of being trapped in this world by moral adolescents. Our knowledge of science has already outstripped our capacity to control it. We have too many men of science, too few of God." "

Yes, with atomic energy and the field of electronics, knowledge has increased at a frightening pace. Its like riding on the back of a tiger - once you get on, you cant get off. As Daniel states, the end times will be marked by the increase of knowledge. We cannot stop the coming of the end times, its a prediction from God, and it will happen. But God gave us a way out of the whole mess. What we can do - is pray to save our own souls and our families, from the coming tribulation. Read our commentary on 04/18/04 "Abandonment of Your Will to God (praying for salvation)."

By George Konig
March 13, 2005