Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alexander Peden, Prophet of the Covenant

I'm currently gathering up lots of oul books about the Covenanters - I think we as a people need to rediscover their story.

This evening my friend David Gordon took me to see the monument to Alexander Peden at Glenwherry, County Antrim. Peden was one of the most renowned figures in the Covenanter movement during the 1600s in Scotland. He fled to Ulster for about 5 years during the "Killing Times".

The monument is on the roadside of Douglas Road, at the front of a wee farmstead called "Misty Burn" where Peden is said to have lived. It is impressive in its simplicity, a stone pulpit with a blue plaque on it. David is to email me a wheen o photos o it, which I'll post here yince I get them.

Here's a photo of Peden's cup, and one of his mask. Peden and the Covenanters are yet another Ayrshire/Ulster link, with a solid foundation of faith and the gospel.

When I was a wee nipper my parents took us over to Scotland and we visited the Wigtown Martyrs memorial. Powerful and impressive stuff.

Faith is at the heart of our Ulster-Scots history - shame on us if we should ever forget that.


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Anonymous said...

I remember going to the site of the Wigtown Martyrs and I found it very moving. Mr William Henning, a gospel singer, sang ...
" Theres nothing like the old old story, grace is free, grace is free
Which saints and MARTYRS tell in glory, grace is free, grace is free."
Rev. David McIlveen preached and we all sang and gave thanks for those who laid down their lives for Christ and His Gospel.
Heres a thought why dont we organise a trip over sometime!
God Bless

Mark said...

Thats a great idea - I know there are a few folk here in Norn Irn who lead "Covenanter Tours" of SW Scotland. It would be good to go with a proper "guide".

I'm also thinking about holdin an old-time gospel music weekend next summer, somewhere in the Ards Peninsula, in a marquee. An all-day Saturday event, start at 11am and go through till dark. A bit like the "All Day Sing" idea that they have in the USA. Maybe we could then move on the Sunday to three wee mission halls - Carrowdore in the morning, Killaughey in the afternoon and the People's Hall in the evening. A real traditional rural Ulster-Scots-Gospel weekend!

And you could sing!