Saturday, June 17, 2023

Shaping the thinking

This article on Middle East Eye is really interesting - just one of a series on there – on the appearance of what it calls 'controlled spontaneity'. Government policy, PR agencies, message-makers.  Here is another one. Do a search there and see what else comes up.

The author of these, Ian Cobain, has written about Northern Ireland in his 2020 book Anatomy of a Killing. I am sure that, given our history, these kinds of persuasion strategies have been required here too. This renowned book by Paul Foot touches on some of that - it was recommended to me some years ago.

A relative, now very elderly, worked at GCHQ but has never breathed a word about it. It's unhealthy to go too far down these kinds of 'rabbit holes' but the activities and principles are worth being aware of.