Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Dr. John Patrick Donaghy, 'Lámh dhearg Uladh' – the Ulster Museum Bill, Stormont, November 1961

Above: the famous Brown, Corbett & Co's 'The Ulster' Old Irish Whisky. (Image from an auction website).

I came across the quote below when looking for something else. I've not had a hoke yet for more information about Dr J. P. Donaghy (Wikipedia here) but his entire address about the Ulster Museum is really interesting and worth a read – it is online on HathiTrust here, from page 720 onwards. Here is his conclusion, with the Red Hand as his ultimate emblematic representation of the possibility of 'together' -

Mosaic image from Flickr, of St Louis Grammar School, Ballymena

Image of the Home Rule era postcard below grabbed from eBay.