Friday, July 22, 2022

The Gaelic League in Enniscorthy, 1902 – and 'Ulster Scot'

"...On Thursday evening Rev Patrick Murphy, MSS, Enniscorthy, delivered the first of a series of lectures on Irish history in the Athenaeum, Enniscorthy, before a crowded audience...

The Milesian, the Dane, the Norman, the Welshman, the Scotchman, and the Saxon naturalised here must combine regardless of their blood; the Strongbowian must sit with the Ulster Scot, and him who came from Tyrol and Spain must confide in and work with the Cromwellian and the Williamite..."

- from The New Ross Standard, 17 January 1902

Murphy gave his address on behalf of the Gaelic League. An interesting source and an interesting timeframe. Especially as some deranged people will still claim Ulster Scots was invented by unionists in 1998.

(pic from Wexford's War of Independence, on Twitter here)