Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Hard to know where to start..

Found these when looking for something else. This one and this one. Admittedly, both posts are now over ten years old, but as the writers lived and worked in a pastoral role just a few miles up the road from me in the actual rural community for some time, it might have been reasonable to expect greater connection with the people roon aboot, and understanding. It's a shock actually to see these written down. I know a brave wheen of folk from their flock who they would have known at that time. But it's well-established that you don't use Ulster-Scots when speaking with the teachers, police, doctors... or ministers.

UPDATE – looks like I've vented about this previously. The scorn poured by the writer upon the word 'stour', blissfully based on not having a baldy notion what the word actually means, is a stellar example of the virtue-signal-mockery genre.