Friday, August 07, 2020

Neil Oliver: "We Must Learn the Lessons of History" - Triggernometry

Scotland is having its own version of what has become known across 'western' societies as the 'culture wars'. It is interesting to observe it from here, where the constitutional issues of independence and Brexit have added a new velocity and ferocity. I have no desire to take sides in these because, just like on our side of the North Channel, I regard culture to be of more value than politics, and it has been said that politics is downstream of culture anyway. Within our shared cultural inheritance, most of the strong pro-Scots language minds and voices tend to be Scottish Nationalist, whereas over here Ulster-Scots is seen as Unionist. This just shows that shoving culture into a political box doesn't work. 

Recently, Neil Oliver has attracted attention from his critics. He's a tremendous television presenter, but in this audio podcast interview with the excellent Triggernometry he is on far broader matters than just Scotland. Some very insightful thinking here.

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