Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Henry Thomson, Newry MP and Distiller - Gravestone, Billhead and the Scarva 'Bush Man' advert

I have blogged about Henry Thomson a few times here. I was in Newry recently and managed to track down his grave, within the large Thomson family plot at St Patrick's Church of Ireland graveyard. His inscription is on the middle one of the three headstones, where he is described as

Henry Thomson D.L.
Scarvagh House, Scarva
Member of Parliament for Newry
From 1880 to 1885
Who died 30th December 1916
Aged 77 years

The choice of scripture text on the base plinth is interesting too.

Below is a billhead from 1896 which seems to have been issued to Scottish customers via the firm's Glasgow agent, Robert Brown.

Finally, the article below from the Belfast Telegraph on 14 July 1950 tells the story of how Henry Thomson actively advertised his whiskey brand at Scarva railway station, to those visiting the 13th July 'Sham Fight' at his Scarvagh House and Demesne.