Friday, September 16, 2016

The Mecklenburg Declaration and the Mecklenburg Resolves

The original documents were lost in a fire in 1800, which has led some scholars to question the authenticity of the Mecklenburg Declaration of 20 May 1775. However in 1838 a similar document called the Mecklenburg Resolves was found, dated 31 May 1775. Other scholars have had no such qualms. Others mounted a campaign in support of the Resolves and proposed a state-wide celebration on 31 May each year. The Mecklenburg Declaration also featured in the Proceedings of the Scotch-Irish Society of the USA in 1895.

As historic as this is (or might be) the wording is not as emotive as that found in the earlier Fincastle Resolutions - a document about which there is no debate, and a document authored by an Ulsterman. Indeed, when you read it, it could ONLY have been written by an Ulsterman :).

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