Monday, August 18, 2014

Spiked Online: 'Scottish independence? Just say no!'

Spiked scottish

One of the news and commentary websites that I read regularly is SpikedOnline. Brendan O'Neill is a incisive, insightful writer, and 99% of the time I find myself in agreement with the Spiked position on most issues. This article - 'Scottish independence? Just say no!' - is one of the strongest pieces of analysis I have read on the malaise of the Union and the nature of Scottish nationalist sentiment.

We are two large-ish islands (surrounded by a collection of smaller ones) on the western edge of Europe. It makes sense for us to work together. I am glad that relations across Ireland are better than they have been in many generations - and I fully expect the Scots to vote to remain within the UK. Whatever the political structures, we all have more in common - and a far more intermingled population - than we are often allowed to acknowledge.

Metropolitan-centric governments have often neglected and even abused the rest of 'these islands'. A refreshed, re-invigorated set of relationships across our nations and regions would be best for all of us.