Sunday, June 08, 2014

Wallace McCamant (1867-1944) and the Ulster Scot



Wallace McCamant was from Pennsylvania, a judge, and the man who nominated Calvin Coolidge to become 30th President of the United States. McCamant moved to Oregon and eventually became President of the Oregon Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (website here). At their annual meeting in 1913 he recited this poem:

Heaven speed the Ulster Scot;
The land is lean that knows him not,
His banner bright unfurled.

But hark, the Bruce and Wallace cry,
"For liberty we dare or die!",
He echoes through the world.

Heaven speed the Ulster Scot;
He bears free speech, he bears free thought;
He manumits the soul.

Beneath his feet let error die;
Above his head God's guidons fly,
The while the seasons roll.

McCamant was also a member of the Scotch-Irish Society of the USA; he traced his ancestry back to an Alexander McCamant who had emigrated from County Down about 1775 and settled in Pequa Valley in Pennsylvania.