Tuesday, April 29, 2014

If Scotland goes, it should take Northern Ireland with it


from Spiked.


Am Ghobsmacht said...

Why would we be so cruel as to burden Scotland with NI?

Also, how would we explain this inclusion (and financial drain) to people from Orkney, Shetland, Fife, the Lothians, Aberdeenshire or the borders? i.e. areas that don't give a monkey's about NI.

Glasgow is not Scotland.

Mark Thompson said...

That article is a bit mad, but I thought of interest to readers here.

Am Ghobsmacht said...

Well yes, it is interesting.

The way I see it, for arguments sake IF NI was tagged along with Scotland (somehow)it would eventually create friction between the two entities.

To a lesser extent, I could see a similar thing happening in the event of a united Ireland.

Once the great nationalist celebration dies down and reality/disappointment kicks in we could easily see a greater north/south divide in terms of culture.

There would be less to divide Protestants and Catholics in the north as the union question will be no more and religion is becoming less and less important.

So many ifs....

Mark Thompson said...

Over the past few generations Scotland has rightly been scared of getting to close to NI for fear the problems here would spread. But sectarianism in Scotland isn't as big an issue as some commentators insist it is. However, an NI+Scotland 'state' is not going to happen. But our shared cultural and historical connections bind us together regardless of politics.

Re: this island and the border, there are still ample reasons for neighbourly co-operation as Ulster folk.

But if someone wants to look to selective versions of propagandised history to justify their present-day need to hate, harm or kill their neighbours, then that's not cultural, religious or political - that's a pathological condition.

And whoever brought that condition about is the real enemy.

Am Ghobsmacht said...

Well said! :)